About Mark P. Shea

The terrifying visage gazing back at you right now is a non-bearded version of Mark P. Shea: a popular Catholic writer and speaker who appears in this form from about May to November. He is a double-jump convert: raised more or less as an agnostic pagan, became a non-denominational Evangelical in 1979, and entered the Catholic Church in 1987.

When he is not shaving, he is the author of the books:

He also shows up on TV now and then to frighten small children and puppies and prove to the world that he has a Radio Face. Obligingly, he also turns up frequently on radio.

In addition, Mark is busy bopping around the country (and occasionally other countries) speaking on lots of fun and interesting topics. If you want him to speak at your parish, conference, or soiree, check out his Speaking Information.

He also finds time to be an affiliate and devoted friend of the Catherine of Siena Institute and boosts their phenomenally important work wherever and whenever he can. Further, he is an award-winning columnist, contributing a daily blog to Patheos, a twice-weekly blog and his "Connecting the Dots" column to the National Catholic Register, as well as numerous articles in many other magazines. He has been happily married since 1983 and he and his wife have frequent adventures with their four sons.

Oh, and from about November to May, he just gives up on shaving, stays warm, and looks like this (except that he's still in color):

Feel free to email Mark in his shaven or unshaven form.

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