You've reached the website of Mark P. Shea, as fun as the fun stuff found on my blog site, Catholic and Enjoying It!. Both this site and my blog are dedicated to the glory of the Blessed Trinity, the honor of Our Lady, the spread of the Catholic Faith, the works of mercy among all persons of good will, the dignity of the human person, and to all things good, joyous, beautiful and tasty. Here you will be able to

All my work is offered with the prayer that Jesus Christ will be honored, that you will gain some benefit, and that we will all have a bit of fun.

Look around, check things out and, if you like, feel free to contact me. Websites are always in a state of ongoing construction, so as time goes on, you will find more cool stuff here.

Oh! And a grateful tip of the hat to Gary Hoge of the late, great Catholic Outlook site for his invaluable help in setting up this site. Couldn't have done it without you pal!

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