Radio Appearances (Can you "appear" on radio? Hmmmmmm….)

The great thing about radio is that you can do multiple-hour interviews with that distracting little bit of green spinach stuck between your teeth and nobody is the wiser. If you want to know when I will next be on the radio, check my calendar and I will post any upcoming gigs there. Below is a list of previous interviews conducted while I may or may not have had spinach stuck in my teeth. When I can locate links to archived recordings, I make a note of it. However, to hear those recordings you must first download Real Player. (Don't worry. It's free.) Just click on the icon below!

Sample some of the new one-minute "Words of Encouragement" I'm doing for Catholic Exchange. You can hear them here, here, here, and here.

And don't miss my weekly guest shot (each Tuesday afternoon at 2:45 Eastern time) on Heart, Mind and Strength hosted by Greg Popcak. The show broadcasts on Ave Maria Radio. My beat: The Culture of Life. To listen in on the web during the live broadcast, be sure to download ChainCast software in advance, then click here to listen to the show anytime between 2:00 to 3:00 PM (Eastern) on weekdays.

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